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Thomas Aquinas and Teilhard de Chardin
Christian Humanism in an Age of Unbelief

In an increasingly divided and secularized world, in an age of unbelief, we yearn for increased unity, for a sense of the transcendent, for a humanism that does not force one to choose between God and the world. This humanism requires an integration of ancient wisdom with modern learning, or, one might say, faith and reason, religion and science, Christology and cosmology. As the Gospel of Matthew puts it, the sage goes into the storehouse to bring out both something old and something new. To this Christian humanism both Thomas Aquinas and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin have significant contributions to make. One is not forced to choose between them but rather to see in these two visionaries--one medieval, one modern--complementary insights. One philosophically precise, the other scientifically trained, they challenge us to look again at our search for wholeness, for holiness. Can we see something of what they saw? Can we seek something of what they sought?


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